Buying Instagram likes: Is this the new trend??

How often have we scrolled down a picture put up by our friend and seen the number of likes? Well, we think often. We are always inquisitive to know if the photograph was liked by many. You may hit the like button if it is incredibly popular. Getting popular online is becoming a fad. If there are too many people liking or viewing something on the net, then you are getting publicity to become a famous online.

The likes and shares that you see, may not after all be genuine. There are companies which are making money out of this obsession. Selfies are not the only the only thing plaguing the industry. Getting more likes and shares is equally important.

How does this work?
This whole business of buying likes for Instagram or Facebook or twitter can be very simple and easy. There are numerous sites which offer buys for a certain price. For example, if you intend to buy 50 instagram likes, all you need to do is click on one of these sites. Key in your Instagram handle, select the number of likes you want to buy, in this case you will buy 50 instagram likes. Pay the money and there you have it! Below the photo you posted, there will be 50 likes. Indeed, you are getting popular.

In fact, these services allow you to choose the photo / photos or posts where you want the likes to land. There will be no outage of your Instagram / other social networking account when these artificial likes are being credited. They happen almost instantaneously!

Cost of buying likes on Instagram
You may think that it could really be expensive to buy likes for you social networking sites. There are various sites which offer it at different prices. You can choose the one that falls within your budget. Turns out, it may not be that expensive after all. If you intend to buy 50 instagram likes, it may cost less than $1. For many this may be miniscule to the high it gives them when they see 50 likes below the photograph they posted!

Who uses it?
If it was this simple and not expensive, wouldn’t more people use it? Well, the whole procedure may be simple. But, it has a catch to it. Often, if a particular photo or post has too many likes, then you tend to be curious to checkout who actually liked the pictures. If you were to do that, all you would get to see is Robot profiles. Anyone who would view this would automatically know that you have bought the likes! Of course, you did not expect real people to like your photo when you buy it!

How would you know if the profiles who liked the picture were real profiles or robot profiles? This is a legitimate question. Often robot profiles may have the most outrageous bio and tag lines attached to them! They may have status’ which may send your head spinning and you may want to completely disassociate yourself and account from such profiles.

Further, these profiles may have random photos which may not have any likes or shares. Their account may have limited number of followers. The photos could be of things or of people whose images have been taken from the internet. These are basically fake profiles created by these companies which earn their bread and butter from them!

How does buying likes promote your social profile?
Many bloggers use this to promote their blogs – it could either be a written blog or a photo blog. The more famous you are, the more people follow you. Every time you buy 50 instagram likes, there is a likelihood of at least one genuine like coming your way. You may show up as a popular photo on the internet since you have as many likes. Many professional bloggers use these tactics to promote their website. They could eventually start earning from advertisements if the hits on their website is high.

Buying Instagram likes: Is this the new trend??

What to look for while buying Instagram likes

When you decide to buy instagram likes cheap, you should ensure that they are coming from active and real Instagram users, that you can choose spread or split and that you do not have to follow any person. The best service should not include bots likes while the payment method should be safe and the satisfaction has to be guaranteed.

While making the order, you will be asked if you need likes, followers or comments and how much you need.  The best service provider will offer authentic and real human Instagram followers.  They should never give script or bot to give fake likes or fake followers.  The best company will promote the account in manual manner and they will be sending the regular followers. Followers they give will keep up with you and they will give likes and comments to the interesting photos you post. When you buy a large package, your will start to see the account in popular pages.

Since buying the likes or followers are not approved by Instagram, you should make sure that the account is safe with the company you use.  The role of the social media is undeniable now and Instagram has become the fourth social media online. It gives the chance to a business to market the product for the consumers from different walk of life.  When you buy the likes and followers, it will not only help to improve the page rank but it also helps in improving the ranking in the search engines. This allows even more people to view the products of your company and whenever you post more pictures, you will get more followers which means that many people will see such products.

Many people are now getting a chance to post their pictures on Instagram and when they buy instagram likes cheap, they increase the chance of their photos to be put in the popular pages and this means that more people will get to see these photos and may be interested to follow you.

This world is competitive and any help you get will help your presence on the social media and will give you an edge. This is why when you buy instagram likes cheap, you have to ensure that you only buy the real and active likes that will improve more your presence.  This will also provide the exposure to your service and products since you will become even more popular while many people will be able to see what you are posting and this in return will provide even more generic traffic with followers who may become the customers of your business.

When you buy instagram likes cheap, you will get more exposure to your business and the pictures you post will become even more popular. This will help in gaining better ranking with the search engine since the search engines consider the presence on the social media like one of thier parameters while deciding on how to rank the pages.  When you become more popular, it is also a chance of making money for your business.

What to look for while buying Instagram likes